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Tommy Eksell
Vocals, Programming & Lyrics

Fredrik Larsson
Vocals, Programming & Lyrics

Jacob Idunger
Programming & Lyrics

Sami Nieminen

Akai S2000, Cheetah MS6, Crumar BIT01, Korg MS20, Korg Wavestation
Roland JX10, Roland JUNO 106, Roland XP10, Yamaha SY-1

The group started autumn 1997 by Tommy and Jakob.
They are also part of another group called m.ART
Tommy and Jakob wanted to test a new sound and created E93.

Unfourtunally Jakob past away 1 January 1998
and in the memory of Jakob, continued Tommy their work.

To fill Jakobs place, Fredrik joined the group (also he m.ART.member).

Fantastic Graphics

Eric L
Nasty Sounds & Samples

Jan G
Recording Stuff

Catarina E
Manage To Sleep While Recording Session

Wallroth & Lilja
Statement from the jury:
More Nieminen, more distortion, more emphasis and more beer

And One, Seven Trees, Cubanate, Front 242, Skinny Puppy,
Wumpscut ,Lassigue Bendthaus, Frontline Assembly,
Das Ich, Covenant and Dance or Die
Nice Listening For The Inspiration